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M70 Firmware Update v1.09 Download

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The M70 has a new firmware update available that we have been working on thanks to your feedback.

The update will be available here or on the teknowdj download page.

a. All the new 2014 units from Feb onwards will have smooth eq, similar to the eq’s on a pioneer mixer pre installed.
b. All new units will already have ‘fader sends midi’ enabled by default. The crossfader will send midi in external and internal modes.
c. Most importantly, we managed to fix a bug in the firmware that could cause the front panel (controls and LED’s) to freeze when unplugging and re connecting the USB cable to a laptop.


Firmware update v1.07 issue!

DUE TO ISSUES WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE UPDATE IT IS RECOMMENDED TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK TO GET THE NEW UPDATE. It seems the new update v1.07 has issues with the EQ curve. The engineer is working on it now, hopefully they release the solution next week. Stick with version v1.05 for now until Voxoa get this sorted. Have a look at the [...]

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The M70 has a new firmware update available, and from february 2014 all new units produced will have the v1.07 firmware.You will be able to download the update from the support downloads page.a. All the new 2014 units from Feb onwards will have smooth eq, similar to the eq’s on a pioneer mixer pre installed. [...]

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THANKSGIVING XXL Save bigger than ever – special half-price offers only until December 9   Dig into the biggest NI Thanksgiving sale yet. This year’s massive banquet includes 50% off over 80 incredible products across the KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and TRAKTOR ranges. The deals don’t stop there – updates, upgrades, and crossgrades are also 50% off. From instruments and [...]

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SERATO DISCONTINUE UPDATES FOR SCRATCH LIVE   Masters of DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) Serato have announced that they will not be providing updates for their popular Serato Scratch Live software. Scratch live will be integrated with Serato DJ, over the next two years to provide a single platform, which will incorporate DVS control and the much-debated sync feature. Purists [...]

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Voxoa Windows Driver Updates

Get the latest windows drivers to get your system ready for Windows 8 and the latest developments.   C50 - Controller C60 - Hybrid Controller M70 - hybrid battle Mixer S60 - DJ Workstation

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Serato Scratch Live 2.5 & MIDI OUT !

MIDI Output Lighting for Scratch Live   MIDI Output Lighting for Scratch Live Posted on 14 July, 2013 MIDI Output Lighting now enables the LEDs on your MIDI controller to light up when used with Scratch Live 2.5. It’s as easy as MIDI mapping the controls like you normally would - except now the buttons will light up! Very handy [...]

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Innofader MINI... ITS HERE!

A limited sample shipment of the long awaited INNOFADER MINI has arrived in our Lab, and testing has gone very well indeed!   Now having an extremely high quality, long life fader in your compact mixer or controller is possible, without having to make any compromise on function. With built-in calibration feature you can fine tune the [...]

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M70 Firmware Update tool

OK we have done some experimenting with the manufacturer, and we have found we can get the firmware update tool working in WINDOWS 7 with the M70 if we un-install the asio driver first. It seems there is some conflict in the driver code relating to the USB function.Step1: Un install the ASIO driverStep2: Put [...]

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If the total GST+Duty calculates out to be less than $60 the re is no charge. Page Content This description was last updated on: Friday, 15 April 2011 Detailed information related to Private imports by post or courier Goods subject to import duty and GST Goods mailed into New Zealand may be subject to import duty. Import duties are [...]

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