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DVS Mode activation (Part 2) - Traktor


There are two methods that act as a work-around to enable the M70 to be used with Traktor Scratch DVS system, without having to use a certified soundcard. With this 'Hack' you will be able to use the built-in sound card for scratch DVD features, just the same as you can with Virtual DJ 7.


METHOD 2: Edit Traktor program file with HEX editor (I Used Notepad++ HEX plugin). This same Hack should work in Mac Os as well, but the file names and locations will differ.

Step One: Install Traktor Scratch. (Remember Traktor Pro doesnt have Scratch features). Also make sure The M70 drivers are installed.

Step Two: We need to get the M70 Device ID Ready. Actually for the M70 it is Our Device ID code is 'USB\VID_200C&PID_102C' but getting the ID is pretty easy.

Connect the M70 and turn it on. Open your Device manager in (Windows) and find the M70 device in USB controllers, right at the bottom.


Double click, and open the device properties.


Under the Details tab you can use the drop-down menu to find the Hardware ID. Our Device ID code is 'USB\VID_200C&PID_102C'


Step Three: Back-up Traktor.exe (In the Native Instruments program directory)

Step Four: Open the Traktor Program file in your HEX editor, and do a search for "Audio 4 DJ". You will find the part of the file where the certified sound cards are listed. Locate the Audio 4 DJ entry.. We are going to Hijack it.


Step Five: What we need to do here is carefully edit the ASCII code on the right. Put your cursor on the first caracter and simply over-type the existing characters. Dont use cut/paste. Also its case sensitive.

Below you can see the actual Device ID we need to type in. Straight away we have a problem. The Voxoa M70 Device name is actually "VOXOA M70 ASIO driver"... which is way too long to fit in this space. Two options here - either delete the next entry (by typing over all the HEX characters with 00 00 00 ..., or we can shorten the M70 Device Description in the windows registry.
For the sake of this exercise we will edit the registry. (I'll show you how later)


Again.. be careful when entering code in this editor... Can you see my mistake above? Between 'M70' and 'USB' there should be ' . . . '. This would have caused this to not work at all. To get the '. . .' back, you need to edit from the left panel where the HEX numbers are.. and enter 00 in the space.


Right, now save that file as Traktor.exe in the Traktor program folder (where you found it) - thats the tricky bit out of the way.



Step Six: Open your Registry editor. You can run RegEdit.exe from the run command. (Sorry I dont know how this step goes for a Mac).

Browse your registry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ASIO\ .. where you will find the M70 entry.


Double click the Description and edit it to make it exactly match the description you entered in the HEX editor earlier.


Click OK and we're done messing with our system.... time to play!


Step Seven: Run the newly edited Traktor Program.

Right away you will see the 'VOXOA M70' in the device list in traktor Audio settings. Select it from the Dropdown list to load it.


Set up the audio output routing.


Setup the audio input routing


Now is a good time to connect your cd/vinyl timecode and switch the M70's input select switches to DVS mode, so you can play some timecode audio and see the signal show in the Display above, and below.


You can also edit your Deck Layout settings to show the Scope, which help you check you have everything hooked up right.


Now you can load a track to make sure the signal paths are correct.



...And thats it. Enjoy!