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Innofader MINI... ITS HERE!


A limited sample shipment of the long awaited INNOFADER MINI has arrived in our Lab, and testing has gone very well indeed!


Now having an extremely high quality, long life fader in your compact mixer or controller is possible, without having to make any compromise on function. With built-in calibration feature you can fine tune the cut-in points for your personal preference. The MINI will operate flawlessly for well over 4 Million operations (compared to 40,000 with most standard vcf faders)

If YOU are interested in being one of the first to own an Innofader Mini then please get in touch now. In exchange for your valuable feedback about the product and how it performs out there in the wild, we will be offering a once only discount price.

The MINI kit has been tested thoroughly with the C60, however it wall also fit the C50 and M70. We will test with other products at a later date.

But, be quick, there is literally only a handful of units available you our existing customers.


Cheers! Nimbus.