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M70 Firmware Update

Windows 7 Firmware Upgrade Procedure


(If the M70 has not been installed previously on your system you can jump to step 8)

  1. Connect the M70 USB to your system
  2. Turn on the M70
  3. Open windows device manager (Control Panel/System/Device Manager) 
  4. In ‘Universal Serial Bus Controller’ right click on ‘VOXOA M70 2.9.53’ and select ‘Uninstall’  uninstall-device.jpg
  5. Check the tick box ‘Delete the Driver software for this device’, then click on OK. 
  6. Check to see all the M70 entries are cleared from the devices list.
  7. Turn OFF the M70
  8. Put the M70 into Firmware Update Mode.  Push and hold both CUE buttons, and the wet/dry encoder, and turn on the M70 power.  firmwaremode.jpg
  9. If you have done this correctly you will immediately see the level display light up, and pulsate continuously.  img-1635.jpgimg-1636.jpg
  10. Initially, device manager will show a yellow ‘abnormal’ icon next to the M70 device. Please wait for windows to install the device before proceeding.  drivera.jpgdriverb.jpg
  11. Once Windows has finished installing the ‘M70’ device it will show up in the Sound, video and game controllers device list.
  12. Browse to the location you have stored your firmware update tool, and double click the ‘VOXOA_Update_v1.11.jar’ file to run the firmware update application  
  13. Click on ‘Open File’ and browse to your firmware data file. Double click or open file to load it into the update tool.  choose-firmware-bin.jpg
  14. Now we are ready to begin the update process. Make sure your USB and power connections cannot be interrupted during the update.  Click ‘START’
  15. The update process can take a minute or two to complete. A pop up window will appear on completion. 2.jpg3.jpg
  16. Upon successful completion the M70 will automatically re-start into normal mode. Click on OK to close the Firmware update tool.
  17. You can now re-install the M70 drivers. Browse to the M70 drivers folder and couble click ‘setup.cmd’.
  18. Select your language and click OK. Then Select ‘Install the Driver’ to begin installation.  
  19. The driver installation process can take a minute or two to complete.
  20. You can check to see the device has successfully installed from the windows device manager.

Congratulations, you have updated your M70 Firmware!