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  • Please ask us for the firmware update if you intend to use the M70 with Serato Video
  • Virtual DJ and some other DVS software will allow you to scratch with the built-in soundcard and turntables/CD players
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M70 Hybrid Mixer


Product Description

The M70 is a high performance digital mixer aimed at the digital scratch DJ market. Designed from the ground up with features that truely put the power of expression in your hands. The advanced crossfader and channel fader settings allow you to perform techniques and customizations often not possible on other equipment. The high level of MIDI interface controls make it easy to integrate the M70 into even the most complex DVS digital DJ set-ups. The intuitive design and well presented layout make your live performance a breeze. You can finally controll everything from a single device with very little need form additional external MIDI devices. On top of all this the internal audio interface offers high quality analogue-to-digital conversion, and high quality professional level audio output allowing full integration with many great DJ software applications. 


DJing Software Controller

The extensive MIDI controlls offer a wide range of customizable possibilities when it comes to getting the most out of your favorite software. Midi maps are available ready to go for Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ. Virtually any program that allows Midi mapping can be controlled directly from the M70 controls. 8 Hot cues each channel, Transport controls, FX controls, Looping, video effects, filter, 4 deck switching, Sampler and browsing... all at your fingertips. You can now sit the laptop off to one side because there is hardly ever a need to touch your keyboard during a performance.  



High Quality Sound and Built-in 2In/2Out Sound Card

The M70 features an internal 2 In/2 Out (stereo) USB sound card that enables direct connection to a computer with a single USB cable. A high quality 24bit digital/analog converter from Texus Instruments ensures high quality sound from your turntables or CD players, and clean clear audio from your computers software applications. The intuitive design makes it easy to switch from digital audio to analogue sources with out loosing a beat, making this a great choice for those who still take pride in dropping some real vinyl tracks into their mix. 

The master out has the option of balanced and unbalanced output, and of course seperate unbalanced booth output.



Build-in Filter Effect for Each Channel

The M70 is equipped with Filter effect for each channel. Well positioned at the bottom of the EQ strips the High pass, or low pass filter effect is always available. This effect is part of the analogue style design of the system, but also doubles as a handy midi control when the mixer is set to full Midi mode. 



High Performance Crossfader

The crossfader plays a dramatic role for scratch DJs. The M70 is equipped with a high performance options from the front panel to help you take the mix to the next level. Full corssfader curve control and reverse switch is easily accessable on the fly, as well as the ability to alter the curve and reverse of both the channel faders. An led display always shows the current mode of each fader. Also the standard factory cross fader can be replaced by well known top fader brands such as Innofader, and ProXfader.


lever travel 45 mm
operation force 40gf+_30gf
total resistance 50Kohm
power rating 0.25W
rated voltage AC 350V ,DC 20V 




Bundled with VirtualDJ LE

The M70 currently ships with VirtualDJ LE, and included is MIDI mapping for Traktor and Serato Scratch Live. Mapping files are constantly being improved, and users are encouraged to share their creations on our website comunity forums.



DVS Direct Mode
The M70 has DVS audio system built in, allowing use with a range of DJ products that employ Vinyl or CD Timecode to control dj software, and in many cases there is no need for any additional external audio soundcard.



A FIRMWARE Update is available for Serato Video users to enable midi send on the faders while in MIX mode. This allows the faders to be assigned to video mix functions. Please ask us to pre-install the firmware for you before we send your order.



  • Integrated 16bit /48kHz USB Audio Interface (Soundcard) with 2in/2out (stereo)
  • High quality DA Converters providing superb sound quality
  • Included low latency ASIO driver
  • DVS Direct Mode (CD or Vinyl) for DJ software using timecode signal
  • MIDI controller compatible with various DJing software
  • Fully MIDI control function for File Browsing, Transportation, Hot Cues, Samples, Loop control ,Effects control, Pitch control and special function (Loop recorder or Video transition)
  • Under Full MIDI mode can switch to control 4 decks
  • A great diversity of Inputs – Simultaneously play a combination of digital and analog sources
  • Independent 3-Band Equalizer with fully kill function (-infinity dB to +10dB)
  • Manual Filter adjustable from LPF – HPF for each channel
  • Replaceable 45 mm High quality long life crossfader
  • Adjustable crossfader curve for different DJing style
  • Reversible crossfader and channel fader
  • Channel fader with independent adjustable curve and reverse switch
  • Fader Start play for cross fader and compatible with CD players
  • Dual 10 LED monitor display for master meters
  • Independent PFL meter for each channel
  • Mic input with auto talk over function and tone control
  • Headphone monitor can be switched to cue or master
  • 2 AUX inputs (3.5 mm and RCA) for MP3 player (ex.iPod) friendly


  • 2 Line/Phono Inputs
  • 2 CD Inputs
  • 2 AUX Inputs (3.5mm jack and RCA jack)
  • 2 Fader Start connections
  • 1 Mic input
  • 1 USB MIDI jack


  • 1 XLR Balanced Master output
  • 2 Unbalanced RCA Master outputs (Master Out and Booth Out)
  • 2 Headphones monitor (3.5mm & 6.3 mm)


Video streaming by Ustream

Product Videos

VOXOA M70 Digital Battle Mixer - Unplugged Introduction 12:48

Check out some of the basic details of the M70 battle mixer, with stand-alone mixer function, full midi function, built in audio interface and timecode DVS mode functions.Some more videos will follow of the M70 in action with Taktor, Vitual DJ and Serato SL.HAVE A LOOK AT: http://www.teknowdj.com/http://nimbusnz.wix.com/teknowdj

  • VOXOA M70 Digi...
    Check out some of the basic details of the M70 battle mixer, w...
  • VOXOA M70 and ...
    http://www.teknowdj.com/A simple set-up function to allow a li...
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    MAPPING NOTES: Traktor Pro / Traktor Scratch SHIFT + Search...
  • DIY: Innofader...

Warranty Information

12 Months Warranty

Other Details

Net Weight:
3.95 Kg
Shipping Weight:
5.1 Kg
Product Warranty:
12 Months
Stand-Alone Mixer function:
USB Bus powered:
DVS Timecode function:
Mic Tone Control:
Balanced Master Output:
Booth Output:
Illuminated Jog Wheels:
4 Decks Control:
Cross-fader Curve Control:
Channel Fader Curve Control:
Fader Reverse:
Replaceable Cross-fader:
Dual Headphone Output:
USB Audio Sound-card:
USB MIDI interface:
INNOFADER Compatable:

Product Reviews

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  1. voxoa "magic m70" 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2015

    If your a dj looking for amazing flexibility,an array of user choice ,combined with rock solid build quality you must get your hands on an m70 hybrid mixer from voxoa.it literally is the bargain star buy out there.For the price this mixer sells for you get so much out of it.I use it as a full on standalone MIDI controller for mixing internally on 4 decks within traktor pro and it's so responsive.a huge amount of controls on board give every hands on adjustment needed and the tsi file made available for it is just perfect,owed a lot I'm sure to The brilliant dj Nimbus(Jared) who also provides on hands-on support through the teknow Dj site.many thanks again Jared.I then if I choose flick the handy input matrix knob over to cd and now I'm mixing on the voxoa with my cdjs and because I'm all linked up anyway to my pc I can record my mixes in external mode using traktors recorder,simple.I can even switch to dvs if desired the m70 has it all.with great quality faders, pots and switches and the genius pitch bend toggling levers(a great idea) which allow fine tuning of your mix with a simple flick up or down I applaud the designers of this unit.so much on board the m70 but it doesn't feel cramped.I hope voxoa and teknowdj are making these mixers for many years.if you haven't tried one out yet,I suggest you do asap.simply awesome mixer.

  2. Great Product and Great Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2014

    my mixer upgrade mission has been long and stressful. comparing stats of similar mixers, I was stuck between the vestax 05proIV and pioneer T1. I got burned on the T1 by the seller (who sells things they don't have and can't get?) anyways they tried the bate and switch yeah I'm not falling for it, nor do I want a traktor mixer with plastic pots. so while I waited a month for a refund I did some more searching just to see what else is out there. well I found the M70 through a forum and liked the features, Nimbus was super fast with shipping, faster then I really expected. the mixer is quality all around, has all the features I need at a price that is insane!!!! it sounds good, the faders are amazing. my previous mixer was a rane 57sl and the M70 is right there with it as far as quality and sound are concerned. best buy since I bought my techs 12 years ago!!

  3. Great Mixer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2014

    I love it..all i can say is I Love it..Does exactly what i need it to do...whether im using software or true vinyl.....at this price the feaatures blow away the competition

  4. Firmware Update 1.09 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Feb 2014

    Thx for the wicked awesome update. EQ is very smooth as u said. The only thing was that in the update directions online it says to push toggle and shift to enter update mode for m70 but its both cues and shift not a biggie just confused me for a sec. Other than that love it good job kicks z2 and djm t1 in my opinion for a reasonable price.

  5. M70 is bang for buck 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2013

    For the money, this mixer is incredible. Works well with Serato & Serato Video. My only issue is that being a Mac user, I could not get the Firmware updater to run correctly so had to borrow a PC to update.

  6. Top Notch 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2013

    If your looking for a mixer that has all the hi end features of one that would cost $900-$2,000 but don't want to pay the price, then the m70 is for you. At a little less than $500, the m70 has superb sound, good build quality, and cutting edge features. The fader (although not an innofader) cuts better than my Rane 56. I'm glad I bought this before shelling big $$$ for the z2, vestax pmc 05 4, or the rane 62. You will not be disappointed.

    Hi jm2diz, thanks for taking the time to review! We are in the process of getting the Innofader in for the M70 and they will be available to our existing customers very soon. Keep an eye on your site for the best price
    ;-) Nimbus.

  7. M70 and firmware update in Windows 7 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th May 2013

    OK we have done some experimenting with the manufacturer, and we have found we can get the firmware update tool working in WINDOWS 7 with the M70 if we un-install the asio driver first. It seems there is some conflict in the driver code relating to the USB function.

    Step1: Un install the ASIO driver
    Step2: Put the M70 into Update mode
    Step3: Run the update tool.
    Step4: Turn off M70
    Step5: Install the ASIO driver

    Please try it and let us know how you go.

    Read more:http://teknow.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=voxm70&thread=9&page=1#ixzz2TEyUOptS


    Posted by on 26th Apr 2013

    The M70 is a whole lot more than what you pay for.
    I think people front on it because it ain't a Rane or a Pioneer but I have used it for 2 weeks of gigging and other Djs are always curious as to what it is and end up jamming on it. More importantly, no one believes the price tag.
    The sound quality is decent and so is the build of the Mixer. The standard fader is decent and does the job but an innofader would be perfect.

    My only gripe is the front panel with the fader/channel reverse switches.

    It reminds me of an 80's tape deck with the switches used and I think with all the effort VOXOA put into making the M70 into a definite player in the 2 channel midi mixer genre, this was an area they could improved on.

    Having my Rane TTM-57 stolen was devastating but the M70 has filled that void and I'm having fun djing again with the ability to use all of Serato Scratch Live's features which I normally wouldn't use.

    RESPONSE: Hi DJ Haku, Thanks for the review! Man, gutted to hear your gear got ripped off! that sucks.. I feel for you - I had all my music stolen one night before I opened my new club, it was devastating. I'm very glad you are happy with the gear!
    I have discussed your great idea of improving the switches on the front panel with the manufacturer, and they were genuinely positive about the possibility of looking at this when developing new models. So thanks!
    ;-) Nimbus

  9. Superb! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2013

    Great mixer/controller, works also well with scratch control. Awesome sound too... Good trade, and good support.

  10. the future in digital dj'ing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2013

    Awesome Product the future in digital dj'ing. For the price nothing else even comes close. Great trade, track and trace, good communication. 5 stars

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