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Review: C60

C60 REVIEW - By Nimbus


The C60 has a great bunch of features that are hard to find all in one package. Personally, I am the kind of DJ who wants to be able to use the gear in many different set-ups and the C60 has become my favorite weapon of choice because it is so flexible. Its a great workhorse wether I'm in the studio or on the road.

When I started looking at controllers in the past I was generally disappointed in the lack of features on offer from some of the top brands. Most of the current controllers do not operate as a stand-alone mixer. Most don't work as a DVS system unless you use one specific DJ program. Some controllers have no audio interface, or they have only one line input or one phono input ... or none at all!

Sure, most new DJ's will find plenty features just with these basic types of controllers... and they will never find the need to venture any further into the vast realm of possibilities, but if you are a serious DJ who loves to explore and expand the C60 is one of the most complete solutions on the market.



MY FAVORITE POINTS: First of all, the Build Quality.
When you have a great piece of gear like the C60 you end up taking it to a lot of gigs. It's good to know the gear will still work after its been in your backpack. It also has to take a fair bit of knocking around at the gig too. The unit is mostly constructed of high impact plastic to save some weight, the front panel is powder coated metal that curves around the edges for extra strength. The knobs feel sturdy and are rubberized, so they are really nice to touch. The EQ knobs all double as kill switches by simply pushing down on them. This can take a little getting used to, but its an awesome feature once you do. The jog wheels feel very sturdy and don't seem to wobble at all. Some DJ's love to pound the living 'bajeebaz' out of their Cue and Play buttons, and even though this is a terrible habit, I think the Voxoa engineers had this in mind when they fitted the rubberized 'bash' buttons. All the buttons and click knobs make a nice durable and very sure "click" sound to let you know when you pushed it just right.

While I was demonstrating my "proess" at a gig recently I managed to drop the C60 from standing height, bounce it off a table and watched in horror as it cartwheeled across the room and crashed into a step.  I was expecting to have to send the unit back to Voxoa for repair, but on inspection i could not find any serious damage. Sure the corners were scuffed from the slate tile flooring, and I'm sure the jog wheel took the full blow from the table.. yet all was ok! 

Throwing my gear around the room is not generally part of my standard testing procedures, but it really did show that the C60 is built for work... real work, and it can handle the environment its made for.



One of the great things about the C60 is all the different set-ups you can jam it into. I use a number of different set-ups depending on where I play, what I play and who I play with.

In its simplest form the C60 is a formidable MIDI controller. It has 110 control elements that can be customized in their function in most DJ software. Pushing the 'SHFT' button allows dual use of most of the controls, nearly doubling the possibilities and control.  Using the C60 in internal mode as a full Midi controller gives you ultimate software control and is ideal for those parties and events where it is not practical to bring a lot of heavy gear.


With the C60 is switched to external mixer mode it becomes a kind of Hybrid. The Main mixer controls stop being MIDI controls and become a conventional mixer, while the deck controls remain full control decks.

In this second mode the advantages become obvious when you wish to drop external signals such as CD, vinyl or your external sampler or other audio devices. Selecting the right input is made really easy with a clever "flappy paddle" matrix switch that lets you scroll through the many input options on each channel. From the left channel you can select... Line1, Line2 USB1,USB2, AUX, DVS1. From Channel 2 you can select... Line1, Line2 USB1,USB2, AUX, DVS2. So basically, you can access any of your inputs from either channel... you can even swap channels during play.


Another key point is the possibility to switch from DVS to external audio sources. It's easier on the C60 than any other controller, and it won't upset the software when you do it because the audio device stays connected even the channel is switched to something else. This means you can esily throw a real record or CD track into your set without having to stop the mix or change settings. I have even mixed in tracks from my iPhone using a free DJ app plugged into the AUX input.
This can be extreemly handy when you need to change to a different laptop or load a different software with out killing the party.

Voxoa gave me a C60 to demo at the beginning of last year... and I absoutely refuse to give it back... they will have to pry it out of my dead hands!!! 


110 control elements including 76 buttons, 22 knobs (6 encoders), 5 faders and 2 touch jog wheels.