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C50 & Traktor with CD/Turntables


Set up as a conventional audio mixer

The C50 is a full featured DJ controller with high quality design and a low price tag. Like many controllers the C50 does not function as a stand-alone mixer, which means to use the unit as a mixer you will need to have a computer connected. But using this kind of setup has a few advantages over the conventional style mixers. The audio signal has to pass through the computer so we can generally apply audio FX to the audio signal using the huge selection available from within the DJ software. Unlike VirtualDJ, Traktor does not have an AUX switch set up on each channel, but we can utilize the deck switch and 4 deck control on the C50 to achieve great results.


Step 1: From the preferences/audio setup window, Select the C50 ASIO audio driver


Step 2: From the output routing window select INTERNAL mixing mode.


Then assign the master out to output channels 1&2, and the monitor to channels 3&4.


Step 3: Here is the important part. The Input Routing window.


Here I have assigned INPUT channels 1&2 to Traktor deck C, and INPUT channels 3&4 to Traktor deck D

Check the input by putting a signal into the line inputs on the C50, you will see the blue bars appear when signal is present

Step 4: From the Decks Layout window you can set up your GUI to show the LIVE inputs.


'Deck Flavor' - Set decks C & D to LIVE INPUT

Select SHOW C&D from 'Deck Layout'

Experiment with your layouts to best suit your screen size. You can add extra layouts using the Layout Manager for easy selection later. You may want to easily hide the Line Input channels by switching between 2 layouts...

Step 5:   Now with the LINE IN channels on decks C & D you can simply change between Traktor decks and the line-in channels by selecting the DECK-switch on the C50 deck. I suggest selecting full view for the live inputs with the mixer displayed. This way if you are jamming with other DJ's they can see the mixer levels and EQ clearly. It also saves confusion when switching between decks A&B, and C&D with the Deck-switch, because you can see the position of the EQ knobs and levels of the un-active decks.


Displaying the GLOBAL section will allow you to operate the wide range of audio effects and apply them to the Line signals from your external audio devices.